The Work

Great design stems from a thorough, even intimate, understanding of our clients business and of their customer base. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to exceptional branding.

For over a decade Wooden Pier has been assisting businesses across the globe in the creation of their commercial identities and providing them with a cohesive visual face to their public personas. Our website design, branding strategy and graphic design work has been described by our cliental as ‘visually stunning’ and ‘playfully ingenious’.

Website Design

Our web design work covers a broad spectrum of client needs and budgets. From simple static websites to comprehensive content management solutions and complex customized web applications, we’ve built them all.
Browse our web design portfolio and see how we have harnessed the internet to work for our clients.

Branding Solutions

A brand strategy isn’t just for large companies. We have provided branding services ranging from simple logo design right through to fully managed branding solutions which encompass all visual aspects of a business’s public interface, including signage, stationery, online and print advertisements and even television commercials.
Browse our branding solutions portfolio and see how we have helped to create business identities for our clients.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design portfolio encompasses all things non-digital including business cards and stationary, product packaging design, print advertising, large format publication design (magazines and catalogues), brochures and flyers.
Browse our graphic design portfolio and see our wide range of traditional and printed design work.