A More Beautiful Font Future

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Making fonts work with the web has always been a problem for web designers and developers. There have been many attemps at trying to break the web-safe stranglehold of Arial, Times, Courier and Georgia in the past. The simple version is to replace text with images of more attractive fonts, but this leave gaping holes in your content when considering SEO and accessibility (search engine index spiders and screen readers can’t ‘read’ words that are sliced as images). There have been Flash based font replacement but this has always been cumbersome and requires third party plug ins to work.

Finally, Google has come to the rescue. TO be fair, the Google Font API has been around for a while now, but their library of open source fonts was limited and the technology hadn’t caught on. Basically, it works by allowing the client-side computer to access centrally hosted font files (at Google) so that they can be rendered within the client-side browser. Simple and effective.

There is a bit of code that you have to place within the website and of course you still need to pay attention to your CSS and styling, but otherwise, it is an extremely easy way to add a bit of text-happy beautification to your website.

a few example fonts from the Google font library